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in his blood like cheap wine
31 December 2015 @ 09:33 pm

New Friending Policy

While I am a squeeing fangirl, the majority of my journal is devoted to "real life" stuff; therefore, I'm starting to be really cautious about who I add and who I let into that private world. I don't mean it to be standoffish or snobby, just to protect myself. So, here's the deal, if we've had a good conversation anywhere, or we "know" each other or whatnot, post here and I'll likely friend you back. If I've never spoken to you before or you just randomly "add" me? Yeah, I'm probably not going to add you back. Nothing personal, it's just that this place is, and I need to know who's reading it. Thanks.

If you're looking for my icons, wallpapers, banners, or fanvids, check out my creative journal at room_of_her_own

in his blood like cheap wine
29 May 2011 @ 04:10 pm
There is a feature on the new navigation bar that allows your friends to share any of your entries, including those that are flocked, in their entirety. The "Share" button opens up a post window with the entire post you'd like to share in the text box. This is not just for public entries, but for flocked ones as well.

For example, I went to a friend's journal (who I know has the navigation bar up), clicked on a flocked post, then went to the navigation bar, clicked share on LJ and a post window opened with the ENTIRE CONTENT OF HER POST IN THE TEXT BOX, all ready for me to hit "post to murphy987".

I, personally, consider this to be a huge violation of my privacy, and while I generally trust most people on my flist, I certainly know that nothing is ever guaranteed. And while I also appreciate that nothing you post on the internet is ever truly "private" the complete disregard LJ is showing for its users with this new feature is appalling.

Unfortunately, at this time, there does not seem to be enough uproar to cause LJ to change their policies. Nor does there appear to be an appropriate place to raise this as a serious issue (although some have begun to point it out)

I'm hoping that will change and that LJ will immediately remove this feature, but I'm not holding my breath. Therefore, and while I hate to do this, I will be changing all past entries on my journal to "private" until LJ sorts it's shit out. It's not that I don't trust you all, but the reality is I post sometimes very personal things on my LJ and the idea that someone could go and repost that elsewhere leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth. So this is the best solution for now (better than deleting my journal, which seems a rash decision to make at this time).

I realize people may think I'm overreacting to this, and that lots of people don't even have the navigation bar enabled (although that's easy enough for someone to change and if they choose to view my journal in their style with the bar, the share button is there), but I take my privacy very seriously, both in real life and online. I really do hope that I am overreacting and that this situation is resolved quickly, but until then...

Hopefully LJ will resolve this issue quickly and will realize its error, but until then, "LJ, YOU'RE ON MY LIST! AND IT'S NOT A GOOD LIST!"

See ya!
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in his blood like cheap wine
07 August 2009 @ 05:01 pm
After I made this post, starbuck92 asked me where the hell her Mary McDonnell picspam was. I... had no answer for her, so to keep my 'bucky happy, I decided to do one. It's... shall we say, not dial-up friendly.

A few points:
1. Please don't use these pics for graphics. They took some work and frankly, I plan on using them to make icons (points to the icon of this post).
2. Spread the Mary love. This post is unlocked so feel free to share it.
3. This is just a Mary 'spam. There are no pics of Laura Roslin or any of Mary's other characters in here. That being said, this is certainly not exhaustive of all the Mary pics. To do that would simply be INSANE... (or a project for a later date).
4. Comments = love

She's a goddessCollapse )
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in his blood like cheap wine
I never, ever thought that I would do this, but... I've made an A/R fanmix. Yup, that's right, 24 songs that, in some way, speak to the A/R relationship. Some I've vidded. Some are on my "to be vidded" list. And some I just liked.

However, because I didn't want this to just be another random collection of songs, I made sure to put in some purdy pics too, so I think we can call this an A/R Fanmix and Picspam. Or something. Whatever.

The small print:

-Spoilers for all episodes (yup, right up to the finale, my loves.
-I ended on a note that I hope doesn't rip people's hearts out, but if it does, well... sorry.
-Please don't use the pics for icons, etc. They're nothing special, but they did involve some work to compile and colour them.
-Let me know if you're downloading. It's just polite on the internetz.
-Each song has it's own link, or there are zip files of the two dics (yup, that's right, two) at the end after the album art.
-Feel free to mock my sometimes questionable taste in music.

An Adama/Roslin Fanmix: Through the YearsCollapse )
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in his blood like cheap wine
15 January 2009 @ 10:48 pm
Well, folks, it’s time! We are less than 24 hours away from the Premiere of Season 4.5. To commemorate this last BSG Premiere (*weeps*) I had planned on making a massive, epic picspam of the Adama/Roslin relationship from the first meeting to the last moment that we saw of them.

However, the epicness became too epic for me, so instead, this is the slightly less epic, but still MASSIVE “60 Moments that Define and Epic Romance” picspam. Or, Adama/Roslin from the beginning.

Come, look at the pretty. Squee over the love. And get ready for tomorrow.

The small print: This ‘spam covers all aired episodes, so if you’ve not yet seen season 4.0, don’t click on the cut. Also, this is still massive in its size, so seriously folks, this ain’t dial-up friendly. Finally, while these pics aren’t the best I’ve done, please don’t steal them to make icons and whatnot. I’ve put in hours of work here and I really don’t want to see someone else using that hard work. It’s petty and selfish and I. Don’t. Care. :D


60 Moments that Define an Epic RomanceCollapse )
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