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Love and Bullets

in his blood like cheap wine
man alive, i'm boring.

i am
a girl. a canadian. a liberal. a political scientist. a fangirl. a shopaholic. a bigger shoeaholic. a good friend. a smart ass. generally not in the mood to indulge you. in his blood like cheap wine.

i love
battlestar galactica (the new one). mary mcdonnell. edward james olmos. adama/roslin. the west wing. gilmore girls. veronica mars. the big bang theory. my family. my friends.

it’s all in the detailsother stuff i like: tea, the colour orange, satin pyjamas, blues music, noir mysteries, mango smoothies, bubble tea, rainy days, soft blankets, puppies, late-night aim chats, tulips, summer driving, snowball fights, lazy weekends, the mountains, the 80s, the words ‘smork’ and ‘snork’, travelling, expensive haircuts, dim sum, playing the piano, purses, laughing until i cry.
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